Photo Credit: Boulder Hemp Farm   Shane Davis  Owner of Hemp Spirit Extracts, M222 Genetics, and Boulder Hemp Farm.

Photo Credit: Boulder Hemp Farm

Shane Davis Owner of Hemp Spirit Extracts, M222 Genetics, and Boulder Hemp Farm.

Shane Davis-Co-Creator & Plant Whisperer

Shane Davis is a molecular geneticist, an activist, a researcher and a reverent cultivator and guardian of the hemp plant. Calm of nature, he is nonetheless resolute and deliberate in his goal to honor the Earth and everything living as a sacred, life sustaining force given for healing and rejuvenation. He is a patient, selfless educator and mentor to those who are open to learn and receive from the hemp plant; always willing to share his vast understanding in a manner in which anyone can relate.

More than being well versed in the farming of hemp, he is one who has experienced and knows hemp in intricate detail, advocating around the world on its behalf. As a former recipient of the National Science Foundation Grant in molecular genetics, Shane’s research is as expansive as his knowledge of all things hemp. He has featured his data in hundreds of nationwide public presentations and has been featured in countless magazines and tv shows. Shane has also been involved in several national and international film documentaries in which he acted as technical advisor. In 2015 he directed the Open Pollination and Select Breeding Program to preserve and expand global hemp genetics.

Shane is a Genetic Artisan at Original Breeders League. He also is the co-author of the recently released book, “The Return of an Ancient Partner: HEMP.” Possessing one of the largest hemp genetics libraries in North America, his partnership in Hemp Quest Ventures brings a special energy of miracles and healing. Shane is an owner of Hemp Spirit Extracts and M222 Genetics.

From speaking recently at the United Nations Global Energy Summit in Paris, to a 200-mile horseback ride with “Honor the Earth’s” Winona LaDuke, Shane Davis, with his hands on approach to life, proves to be the man on a path selflessly paving the way for the good of humankind. His heart and mission could be summed up in a recent statement from him: “We can show the world how to grow our way out of toxic energy and toxic fossil fuels. We are smarter than fossil fuel. We can clean the Earth with hemp.”