Dionne Holmquist

Hemp Quest Ventures Founder/Owner

Licensed Realtor and Founder/Owner of Alcodi Collective Properties with Equity Colorado - Front Range

CAC III-Certified Addictions Counselor III in the state of Colorado

Advisory team member for WAFBA, LLC  (We Are For Better Alternatives) which is home to the NoCo Hemp Expo, TreeFreeHemp, and Colorado Hemp Company located in Loveland, Colorado and operating since 2012.

about Dionne Holmquist

I consider myself a social entrepreneur and investor dedicated to serving underserved individuals and communities by co-creating with other socially responsible philanthropic professionals.  As an entrepreneur and investor, I actively support social enterprise and economic development within local communities.  I surround myself with those that utilize the flow of capital to make positive change in the world.

I’m a conscientious, result oriented seasoned executive with over 20 years of combined experience within multiple state and private organizations . I have 17 years of experience directly in human service field involving multiple agencies and clients.  Along with being a licensed CAC III and I'm also a trained and certified instructor in a variety of behavior modification modalities. 

To this day I continue to utilize my transferrable skills, education, and experiences authentically in the real estate and business development industry.  In many ways I'm still doing what I was doing but in a more authentic environment.  

My expertise surrounds areas of program development, compliance, analysis and training. I have gained extensive knowledge in the development of business implementing procedures for compliance with state statute and Colorado government regulations. I've developed and had oversight of programs that were compliant in a very high compliance industry. I also have extensive experience in the development of program guidelines around staff recruiting and retention and training and development of staff in numerous environments. My experience also extends to contract compliance and State and Federal guidelines around education, background checks, and other areas necessary for compliance. 

I'm very grateful to have had great success with the development of community partners and support from agencies such as economic development organizations, local and state regulators, and Indigenous organizations to name a few.

This experience has allowed me to assemble and develop successful multi-disciplinary teams for projects of all levels.  I have a proven track record in the ability to work collaboratively and excel in the team environment and I am confident in my ability to assist in the development and implementation of any authentic agency’s vision.